About Me

Hi! I'm Angie. I'm a thrifty girl from central Indiana.

 I love finding bargains and thrift shopping is a passion! I'm a stay at home mom of two darling little children and wife to the most amazing man I've ever known. Since we live on a single income I get the pleasure of finding thrifty and cheap ways to update our standard "builders grade" home. Goodwill is my drug of choice. I buy most of our home decor, clothing, shoes, toys, you name it from that wonderful place!

This year I plan to give many of the rooms in our home a face lift. You won't see any major $$ renovations (sparkling granite counter tops, brand new cabinets, ect) but I hope the before and afters will be just as satifying. You would be amazed at how much a can of paint can do!

I hope this blog will inspire you to be a nifty thrifter as well! 

Feel free to contact me here!