Tuesday, January 31, 2012

7 Tips for Scoring at Goodwill


Like many other thrifties I love shopping at Goodwill. In addition to loving a good bargain I love the thrill of the hunt! Over the last couple of years I’ve learn a few tricks of the trade. Here are my top 7.

1.Go often
Goodwill restocks their merchandise daily. Like any thrift store it can often be hit and miss. Going once or twice a week will increase your chances of having a good hit.

*If the staff greets you by your first name, you are probably going often enough. If they can't start a daily team meeting because they think one of the employees is missing...you maaaybe going a little overboard.

2. Grab it while you can
It sounds simple but if you pick up an item you like but you’re not sure if you want it, stick it in your cart. There have been many times that I’ve put something back because I wasn’t sure and then when I went back to get it someone else had already snagged it. Keep it in your cart while you think about it, you can always put it back.

3. Ask a Manager
Feel free to ask to speak with a manager about something you are interested in. For instance, there was a kids table and chairs set for $14.99. I was only interested in the table so I asked the manager if I could just purchase part of the set. He agreed and gave it to me for $9.99. You can see what I ended up doing with it here.

4. Check out the "New” merchandise cart
Have you ever noticed the huge carts they roll out of the back of the store? They bring out their new merchandise on these carts for the employees to shelve. I always start my Goodwill hunt here. These are all items that haven’t been picked over and you can find some awesome steals here! I picked up a Pottery Barn Kids chandelier for just $14.99 on one of these babies! Score!!

5. Be aware of sales
Every week Goodwill has a color of the week sale. Items with that color tag or sticker are 50% off. In addition to the color of the week you can also get a senior citizen or student discount on certain days of the week. For our Goodwill it’s Wednesdays.

6. Follow your local Goodwill on Facebook and Twitter
By following Goodwill you will always be up to date on their latest sales and events. You can also print out special coupons for liking them on Facebook. My Goodwill has "Facebook Friday” and every Friday they roll out a new coupon for you to use on that day.

7. Goodwill Rewards!
Check to see if your Goodwill has a rewards program. Our Goodwill just rolled out a new GW Rewards program where you can get discounts on your everyday purchases, a special birthday gift, holiday rewards, and advance notices of sales and special promotions. Yes it’s another card on your keychain but so worth it! You can even track and itemize you donations online with this program!

So the next time you find yourself looking for a bargain at Goodwill keep these tips in mind. You’ll be a thrift store thrifty in no time!

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