Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pottery Barn Kids Word Plaque Knock Off


It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for all things Pottery Barn. Unfortunately I don’t have a Pottery Barn budget. So what’s a girl to do? Roll up your sleeves ladies, we’re gonna make some Pottery Barn goodies on the cheap!

I just fell in love with these word plaques from Pottery Barn Kids.


I knew they would be a perfect addition to my little girls new “big girl” room.

Here's what you’ll need to make them.
  • 5.5 inch tall board (I got a 1x6x4’ board from Lowes for about $3)
  • Primer
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint markers
  • A printer
  • Pencil
1. First start by printing your lettering. In WordPad choose the Georgia font in a 320 font size.

2. After you’ve printed your words turn the paper over and trace the lettering on the opposite side. I found it easier to see what I was tracing when I put the paper on a piece of 8x10 glass from a picture frame and sat near a light. (Please excuse the blue paint blob. This paper did some double duty.)


3. Cut your boards at the following lengths: 7.5 inches (fly) 13 inches (laugh) 20 inches (dream) 24 inches (imagine)

4. Prime and paint your boards. You can use whatever color and patterns you like. I tried to copy as close to the original as I could because quite frankly, I have no imagination. Neal Caffery would be so proud.

5. After your paint has dried carefully line the lettering up on your board with the pencil outlines faced down. Tape paper down to keep it in place.

phone pics 1102

6. Retrace the lettering onto your board pressing firmly with a pencil. This will transfer your pencil outlines onto your plaque.

7. Once you have traced all the letters remove the paper and you should have something like this.

phone pics 1103

  8. Using a paint marker fill in the lettering. These pens made it so much easier than trying to use a brush. I did have to use a brush for the “laugh” plaque because I couldn’t find a paint pen in the right color. I ended up painting it the wrong color anyway (it was suppose to be green ga!).

phone pics 1104

I found these great little picture frame hangers by 3M that I’m going to try and use to hang them on the wall. It kind of looks like plastic velcro. Anyone else have any luck with these?
“Laugh” (was suppose to be green, oh well)


“Dream” This one took the longest with all those little flowers.


“Imagine” This one looks orangey in the photo but it’s actually more of a peach color.


Imagine, Dream, Laugh, and Fly. I have plenty of board left over to make at least two more. I may end up doing one with her name and the "wish" plaque as well.


One knock off down, one to go!

Up next? The Pottery Barn Kids Bird Dream Catcher.


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  1. Very pretty. Gives me an idea to do something similar in my daughter's room.

  2. coming from Knock Off Decor. . wow, these look exactly like Pottery Barn's. Way to go. Can't wait to see the bird mobile. Would look cute with butterflies in there too. . I saw some great butterflies on Oriental Trading site. . maybe they have birds too?? Off to look around your blog :)

  3. I actually like your color choices better....great job!

  4. I love, love, love your post! I've been looking and hunting for something cute (and not baby-ish) to put in my two older girl's room...I am making these ASAP! (I've already got all the materials! Hooray!

    I just wanted to add that, I have used the Command strips loads of times...they work GREAT! They are so much better than trying to fill tiny, little holes when I want to change decor.

  5. Turned out great!!!
    I have a blog giveaway going on at my blog http://sailingwithbarefeet.blogspot.com/2012/06/1st-blog-giveaway.html
    I hope you enter for a chance to win!!!!! Hurry though, it ends tomorrow!

  6. You might try this using fabric to cover the boards. Wrap them like you wrap a present - staple down on the back - then paint your words on top with fabric paint. Same basic look but it would take half the time. You can always find fabric in the clearance bin for $1.00 or less!

  7. Love your blog we are kindered hearts but generations apart in age,love me a good Goodwill or garage sale find I can redo and love,also love to craft all types of mediums. Made 20 different sizes of fabric pumpkins this year using fabric found at garage sales and estate sales,you dont feel bad using velvet and chenile when you paid a quarter for the blanket or pillow great to use the padding inside the pillows for the pumpkins I must say everyone is in awe of them.

  8. You might also try to some scrapbook paper on the boards for background instead of painting. Just my thoughts, would save alot of time and help if your not a painter